For the first time, I felt a substantive basis to hope for my practice success. Now I know how to get Dental Patients. – Dr. Steve – North Carolina
20 years in practice and never knew how to get New Patients. Finally, we have a real Marketing Strategy. Thanks for helping me invent my practice future. – Dr. Robert – Las Vegas
I wish I had met Greg Jack 10 years earlier. Thanks for teaching me Dental Success. – Dr. Tom – Chicago
If you want to double collections, call New Patients Unlimited and double your New Patients through Greg. – Dr. Jim – California
We multiplied the number of new patients and collections on our newly purchased practice. Thanks! – Dr. Jeff & Dr. Kim – Idaho

Building High Performance Teams

Have you ever made a hiring mistake, what do you think that cost you? Well, we have all hired the wrong person! The cost to the company is estimated in the thousands. Master Team Builders is dedicated to help build the best team ever, you know the one that will serve your patients the way you want, so the patients will stay, pay and refer.

We have a simple philosophy about team building. Get the right employees on your bus [practice] and the wrong employees off that bus. Also, make sure those who stay on the bus sit in the right seats. What we want to do is to help you build a better team, and we have an excellent track record in that very thing.

A Different Approach

Using our proven diagnostic personal assessment, we can identify hidden talents on your existing team, and identify the super-stars of tomorrow you haven’t hired yet. The assessment offers you an unbiased view of how the person who took the assessment operates. It reveals their fundamental motivations, what skills they bring to the table, and how they interact with their environment and the people within their environment.

Nothing to Lose!

In helping you build a better team, and cleaning up staffing issues, may not always be a consistent need. So, you just pay for what you need. With Master Team Builders, you can outsource your hiring headaches and let us provide the HR consulting help you need.

Master Team Builders services include:

  • Want-ad writing and placement
  • Initial resume review
  • Profile assessment
  • Employee manual preparation
  • Key-people or entire team interviewing
  • Job descriptions
  • Initial phone interviewing
  • Long term strategies
  • Team design & clean-up
  • In-office team building visit available

Outsourced Affiliate services available:

  • Practice valuation
  • Credentialing
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Practice transition
  • Associate agreements
  • Operating agreements

How Can We Help You?

Wondering if Master Team Builders can help your business?